Fun With Seasons

I’ve loved the Diablo franchise since it first came out. I spent an embarrassing amount of time alone in my room playing both Diablo I and II growing up, and was naturally excited when III was finally announced. I was part of the closed beta, and enjoyed the small bit of Act I we were allowed to see and test. However, when the game was finally released, I didn’t spend nearly as much time playing it as I thought I would. (Though, naturally, I picked up the expansion when it came out, too. And have both on console as well.) Despite getting in on the “ground floor” of the game, my Paragon level is currently, shamefully somewhere in the mid-60s. In short: I haven’t been very committed to this game. Until very recently, when the most recent patch was released and Season 4 started. Continue reading Fun With Seasons


Excuses, Excuses: When is “Casual” Just Another Word for “Bad”?

The “Casual” vs “Hardcore” debate is by no means a new one–in fact, it’s been pretty well done to death by everyone and their Perky Pug by now. People have also gone to greater lengths than your average Old Navy ad campaign to convince us that “Casual” is still a respectable label, and that “Casual” does not inherently mean “unskilled.”

But you know… sometimes, it does. Continue reading Excuses, Excuses: When is “Casual” Just Another Word for “Bad”?

A Quick Note on Temple of Kotmogu

In Temple of Kotmogu, why do people act like orbs will give them herpes if they pick them up?

I was in a random the other day on my Paladin that started off fairly normal; my team was doing a decent amount of damage and the Alliance wasn’t able to hang on to orbs for very long, but every time an orb-carrier would go down, I’d wait expectantly for a pick-up alert that simply never came. So, I’d drop whatever I was doing and trot to the nearest free orb and pick it up. By the end of the game, I’d carried an orb 5 different times. The next highest number of carries on my team was 2. There were a lot of “wouldn’t touch an orb if you paid me”s.

Listen, here’s the thing. I know you’re afraid. I know your gear is probably crap. It doesn’t matter. Cowboy up.

What people don’t seem to understand is that Temple is not like Warsong Gulch or Twin Peaks. You don’t have to be a tank to carry effectively on this map. In the rated version of this map, most teams don’t even bother running a tank. It’s whoever is closest to the orb spawn, go grab it before the other team does.

The basic understanding here is that if you’re carrying an orb, you’re going to get splattered spectacularly across the pavement. It will happen. So while being able to carry an orb for an extended period of time is nice work if you can get it, the easiest way to go is simply to lay as many hands on that thing as possible–it doesn’t matter who is carrying it at a given time, what matters is how long your team has possession.

Which means it doesn’t matter if you drop it, as long as someone else is there to pick it right back up again and keep racking up the points for your team.

So do me a favor: if an orb gets returned, GO GET IT.

Every time I see someone walk past an orb without picking it up, a tiny piece of my soul dies.

Preserve my soul. Pick up orbs.

Hugs and kisses from the Horde!